Senior Dating

How different is senior dating from teenage dating, or for that matter, even twenty- or thirty-something dating? Well, think of it as night and day! What we looked for in a relationship 20-30 years ago probably bears little resemblance to what we're looking for now.

Let's face it, in school we were probably more interested in who the cutest guy or girl was, and with whom we could have the best time. Looks and "being cool" were at the top of a pretty short list! But now at our current stage in life, we have so many more things to consider - family couple datingcircumstances and our past rela- tionship experiences, our goals and values, and our own physical and social changes. Add to that mix children if we have them, our work status and schedule, household finances and property, and any other kin-ships and responsibilities that we picked up along our way. Times have changed and so have we!

For many of us facing senior dating, these factors will all be major con- siderations, and possibly downright scary. For others, it may simply be the case that the "right one" has yet to come along despite our best efforts, or simply because career, family, travel, or other circumstan- ces took priority in the past. Dating has its challenges to be sure, and many of us will find it exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. But to take the "scary" part out of it, we just need to take stock of our selves and our dating practice.

Let's consider some relationship tips to see if we're even ready for a rela- tionship. And if we are ready, what should we look for in a partner - let's think about some dating tips before we get started! Just where do we look to find a date ? Since we're already online, how about some internet dating tips ? And finally, after we meet someone, how do we go about the second date ?

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