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Classic TV---we baby boomer like to believe it started the same time we did---in the early fifties. Truth is, while television did "boom" in the early fifties right along with our birth rates, the actual roots were planted in the late 30s.

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Classic television gave us much more than a new piece of furniture and test patterns. Ultimately, it would give us an ever expanding view of our world and everything in it---the good things as well as the bad.JFK assassination headline On the one hand, we were thrilled and entertained as new technology gave us higher resolution pic- tures, sharper images, and even the first instant replay to watch our favorite sit-coms, westerns, comedy variety, who-dun-it shows and sporting events, all with greater clarity. But on the other hand, we also watched such horrific events as the assassinations of a sitting president, a pres- idential candidate and a civil rights leader; an increasingly bloody civil war in southeast Asia; campus violence and urban racial strife. It changed not only the way we saw our world at the time many of us were becoming teenagers, but left some pretty indelible images that we still remember today.

But perhaps most of us remember classic tv as an entertainment source for the whole family. Remember gathering around the set on Sunday nights to watch Disney's Wonderful World of Color---even before your family had a color set? Or maybe it was Bonanza or the Ed Sullivan Show? And how about the many shows featuring family fifties familyvalues and relationships that we identi- fied with, such as Andy Griffith, Father Knows Best, The Danny Thomas Show, Donna Reed, Dick Van Dyke, My Three Sons, and Leave It To Beaver? All of it came to us over three networks for free --no cable and no satellite dishes, just an antennae on the roof or some rabbit ears on top of the TV!

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