Baby Boomers Fun From the Past
and Finesse For the Future

Welcome to Baby Boomers R We, celebrating the best years of our life! Here you will find some fun from the past, and just maybe some finesse for your future!

Whether a charter member of the Baby Boomer generation---born 1946 to 1954---or a younger boomer aka Generation Jones---born 1955 to 1964, you're in one of the largest age groups in America today, over 75 million strong!

Are you a parent or a grandparent? An empty-nester and now it's time to remodel, or just travel? Divorced, widowed, or never married? Looking for a relationship, or just companionship? Want to start dating again? What are some of the best dating sites? And what do we look for in a new relationship?

Ready to retire, or not? How about a retirement calculator? Do you need some financial planning? Supplement your income through a new job or other means? How would a reverse mortgage work? Will Social Security still be there? What about health care and fitness? Diet and nutrition? The future for Medicare?

And what about our later stages of life? Do we have a bucket list, and if so, just how important is it? Are there other goals yet to be achieved? Perhaps we're becoming more in touch with our own mortality, and appreciating just how important our relationship with God has always been, or just maybe the need to start one!

Chances are you already have some thoughts in these areas and others as well, and you just want to share. Or maybe you're looking for something that's not here yet, but feel that it should be. Any of those comments are always welcome---go ahead and boom it on the blog! We boomers are a diverse group, and not everyone walked the same path to get here. We all benefit from the experience of others---it's how we learn and how we still lead. We are a community!

No matter your current stage or circumstances, you will find something useful here. And don't miss boomer nostalgia and trivial pursuit---remember Burma Shave?

Bottom line---it's fun to remember the good things from our past---the music, television, culture and events that shaped us. As we move forward, we can all use a nudge in the right direction for the challenges in our future!

Baby boomers---welcome aboard! Come share and celebrate the times of your life!