Health Tips

Health tips are essential at any age and especially now as the oldest boomers are sixty-something! Since we are the largest age cohort group, we know we're going to "age" the nation's population, just by virtue of our sheer numbers. We've seen the news that by 2030 - not all that far away - one person in five will be elderly, and by 2050, about a million Americans will be 100 years old. Some of those will be us!

Needless to say, we have learned certain things from our parents and other elders, and quite likely one of them is our perception of old age. Most of us have certain memories of our folks, conscious and otherwise, and among them are images of how they looked, felt and acted in their senior years. Were those years happy, healthy and productive, or were they years of declining health, discomfort or even misery? Good or bad, what factors might have led to them being what they were? Are there some things we can do differently?

Good Health Tips Are Most Important Now

None of us necessarily want to get old just for the sake of getting old. The quality of our years is just as important as the quantity. We want to do our very best in all that we do, and to do that, we need to feel our best. It even helps if we also look our best. Back in the day, we might not have thought much about healthy living. Going to work, taking care of our families, being a weekend warrior - all of those things plus more were higher on our list of priorities in the old days. But at our stage of life now, it's a must - it really is up to us, and we will have to work at it.

Our best health includes better knowledge so we can live a healthy life, follow some appropriate exercise tips and learn what it takes to eat healthy, all supported by medical advances and increased access to health care. Good health also depends upon us being proactive - in lots of areas.

Seeing the calendar flip by is inevitable, but seeing our health decline isn't. The quality of our life from here on out - our "next fifty" - will be in direct proportion to what we put into it. Learn how to stay healthy together with some exercise tips and sleep tips that can work for you, including some thoughts about drug use, particularly marijuana.

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