Marriage Facts

What are real marriage facts – what does it look like, feel like and act like? Much like Jack Webb from the 50s TV series “Dragnet” when he asked, “Just the facts, ma'am,” we want to know the essentials and not get bogged down with peripherals.

For baby boomers now, the notion of marriage likely prompts different reactions – and different choices - among all of us. For many still married, we want to maintain or improve the marriage we have. For those of us currently single - remember the 30% figure from our discussion on mature dating - it could mean wanting to make sure we marry the right person - this time! And for others still, it could mean avoiding traditional marriage altogether, deciding to remain single at least for the time being, or opting instead for the marriage alternative – cohabitation (scroll over to Living Together for that discussion). Whether to get married or not is certainly one of the most important decisions we will make in our lives!

If marriage is the right thing for us, and for many it is, can we “learn” to have a happy marriage? With all the classes we took in school growing up, where was Marriage 101 (for an institution as old as time itself, how thick would that textbook have been)? Is it trial and error from our own experiences and those of others, i.e., first from our parents and then our siblings and friends? Through media accounts of celebrity and non-celebrity couples, displaying - sometimes graphically - what works and what doesn't? Through psychological studies and counseling? And most importantly, what does the Bible say about marriage?

Marriage at any stage of life is a most complex topic to be sure, but experience is our best teacher, and we can start by sharing some of the things that we do know about marriage. After all, finding and holding our soul mate is an important key to a loving marriage. There is no shortage of marriage tips out there in all forms – from books, from counselors and classes, from social media – but perhaps some are more applicable to our circumstances than others. Can we marry the right person to become a loving couple? Absolutely!

Marriage Facts - Learning the Essentials

We learn essential facts from Biblical Marriage and the guidance it gives us, not only with respect to married life but to divorce as well. With that foundation, we find meaning and worth in our Soulmate, we can be that Couple in Love, and we will translate marriage facts into successful Marriage Tips.

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