Boomer Health

Boomer health is even more important to us now, as the oldest boomers are already 60-something! Since we are the largest age cohort group, we know we’re going to “age” the nation’s population, just by virtue of sheer numbers. We’ve seen the news that by 2030 (not all that far away), one person in five will be elderly, and by 2050, about a million Americans will be 100 years old. Some of those will be us!

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None of us necessarily want to get old just for the sake of getting old. The quality of those years is more important than the quantity. But it’s really up to us. Our boomer health depends upon knowledge of healthy lifestyles, exercise and diet, togeth- er with medical advances and in- creased access to health care. But even more so, our boomer health depends upon us being proactive – in lots or areas.

Seeing the calendar flip by is inevitable, but seeing our health decline isn’t. The quality of our life from here on out – our next “fifty” – will be in direct proportion to what we put into it. While genetics and hereditary factors are important, our lifestyle choices, diet, exercise routine, sleep pattern, job, and even our thought process are all things we still control. Scroll down to the links below and learn more.

In this regard, Nike says it best – “Just do it!”

Boomer Health – the Mileposts of Aging

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Before we discuss the do’s and don’ts of boomer health, let’s take a quick trip down the high- way of our lives. There are a lot of twists and turns for many of us, but still a few landmarks that we have in common, give or take a few miles:

Age 21: Just couldn’t wait – adulthood in every state!

Age 28: 10-year high school reunion already?

Age 29: We notice co-workers younger than we are.

Age 32: Where did the strand(s) of gray hair come from?

Age 37: Our arms don’t stretch as far as they used to, and so those dime store reading glasses sure come in handy.

Age 40: The first anniversary of our 39th birthday! But wait, 40 is the new 30!

Age 42: Got to get more sleep (mistaking those age lines for looking tired)!

Age 45: More concerned for having hair than what color it is!

Age 49: Why am I getting these applications from AARP?

Age 50: Colonoscopy??!!

Age 52: We notice hair turning gray in places other than our head.

Age 55: Our boss is younger than our

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Age 57: The waitress at Denny’s offers us the senior discount without our asking.

Age 60: No problem – 60 is the new 40!

Age 62: Early bird specials at the restaurant start to make sense.

Age 65: Can we get home before dark?

Age 70: Where did we put that list of things to remember?

Age 75: How cool are these wrap-around sunglasses?

Age 85: So who were the Beatles again?

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