Boomer Relationships

Relationship is one of our most basic human needs. In fact, boomer relationships are especially important for us, given our current stage in life. After all, wasn't

boomer couple

it our generation that put even more emphasis on relationships than any other before us? Our God, our spouse, children and parents if we have them, our friends, co-workers, even casual acquaintances and certainly our significant others---all play an important role in our lives. And we play an important role in theirs.

You've probably heard the phrase "No man is an island" (a quotation from 17th century poet and writer John Donne) in one context or another. It reminds us that no one does well being entirely on their own, as each of us are a part of humankind. Fast forward to our time, we baby boomers would relate best to the lyrics of a song by the same name performed by Joan Baez (found on her album "Baptism", 1968):

  • No man is an island,
  • No man stands alone,
  • Each man's joy is joy to me,
  • Each man's grief is my own.
  • island

  • We need one another,
  • So I will defend,
  • Each man as my brother,
  • Each man as my friend.
  • I saw the people gather,
  • I heard the music start,
  • The song that they were singing,
  • Is ringing in my heart.
  • No man is an island,
  • Way out in the blue,
  • We all look to the one above,
  • For our strength to renew.
  • When I help my brother,
  • Then I know that I,
  • Plant the seed of friendship,
  • That will never die.
None of us are meant to be alone. We all need relationship, i.e., boomer relationships---"back-up" for good times, bad times, and everything in between. We derive satisfaction, and ultimately our happiness, from helping and being helped; from sharing and being shared with. We learned
two friends

about relationship early on in our lives, not just from our parents, but from our childhood friends as well. You'll probably remember your dad saying, "Share, share alike," or your mother urging, "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you!" Good stuff then, and it makes even more sense to us now!

So here we are today, married or single, mating or dating, loving or lusting; how do we go about it? Life is still full of relationship choices--where does our happiness lie, and where does our God fit in to it all? Learn more from the following links, and as always, don't be afraid to share your own thoughts and experiences!

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