Couple in Love

What does a couple in love look like? Even more importantly, how does such a couple act towards each other? In its definition of “couple”, Webster’s Dictionary uses such terms and phrases as “join” and “unite”, “to connect for consideration together” and “to join for combined effect”. So if we add the elements of love to this connection, this union, we begin to get the feel for what such a couple is really all about.

A Couple in Love Is Connected

A loving couple connects on all the important levels. In such a relationship, we know that our partner:

  • supports our emotional health and self-reliance - does not hold him/herself up as your sole reason for living, but instead knows and respects all the elements of your life from which you derive happiness and satisfaction.
  • has faith in your character and values, readily knowing what the right thing is, and that we will do the right thing regardless of the situation.
  • fully understands that each partner can function completely and successfully on their own, but instead puts the sense of “team” ahead of their own self-worth.
  • practices random acts of love, saying "I love you" not only in words but in deeds (the back rubs and neck massages, flowers anytime, love notes on the mirror, shared household duties and chores).
  • is your best friend in whom you may freely confide your innermost thoughts and needs, and with whom you genuinely enjoy spending time and sharing experiences.
  • believes as you do in your values and goals, and works with you to achieve them (also known as "equally yoked").
  • is patient because he/she understands and respects your nature, and knows that you're worth waiting for.
  • matches your sense of healthy lifestyle (eating, sleep, cleanliness, exercise habits, balance between work and play).
  • matches your sex drive and satisfaction levels, performing those acts lovingly and not from any sense of obligation or guilt.
  • understands that progressing through life as we age brings changes, and readily adapts to those changes at each stage.
  • is honest and straightforward with you at all times, but always with kindness and respect.
  • trusts you in all instances (conveys no worry about your choice of friends, phone calls, hobbies, or alone time).
  • recognizes, respects and supports your responsibilities to other family members and friends gathered from any previous relationship(s).

Bottom line, any and all of the above are random acts of love, to be cherished always! To perform them, share them and sincerely derive happiness from them is what love is all about! They’re all what a couple in love does!

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