Get A Date

So once we find ourselves ready for the world of mature dating, where do we get a date? Any chance that our next partner will simply knock on the front door, or be as close as our next trip to Safeway or Home Depot? Well, we can never say never, but no, not very likely.

As boomers, we've likely seen and heard by now all the different ways of "getting out there" and "making ourselves available", or simply “just connect”. It sounds easy enough, but for many of us, it may be quite the challenge. After all, it’s probably been a while – years in fact – since we “dated” just for the purpose of meeting someone. We remember all too well how hard it was back then – the anxieties we went through, right down to our sweaty palms!

But we’re older now, more experienced, and shouldn’t that count for something? By now we know ourselves “really well” – what we’re comfortable with and what we’re not. Add to that all the options in today’s world that we didn’t have back in the day. In some respects, those opportunities seem to expand almost daily as outlined below.

Get a date:

  • Networking through friends and co-workers; let them know that you're open to that good old-fashioned blind date.
  • Singles group or activity group sponsored through our work-place, church, or the general community.
  • Self-improvement classes for a wide variety of interests offered by schools, community colleges and local government agencies (some are based upon specific common needs, such as suddenly single parents, recently divorced or widowed, etc).
  • Charity events and services provided by community groups and volunteer agencies.
  • Performing groups for drama, art and music (don't forget the church choir).
  • Dance classes at a local studio that features group lessons.
  • Walk events, marathons and sports tournaments.
  • Group tourist trips, cruises and excursions (we boomers love to travel and share the excitement of new places).
  • Membership in a fitness club (our physical health is every bit as important as our social health).
  • Regular trips to the local bark park (having a pet is something in common, hence an immediate conversation starter).
  • Or when all else fails, regular trips to our home computer - internet dating! See the next section for some internet dating tips.

Granted, many of us may feel intimidated – even terrified – by the very thought of taking one or more of these actions. Is it really this difficult to find a date? It can be, but only if we make it so. As always, an open mind holds the key for opening the next door!

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