Trivial Pursuit

When it comes to trivial pursuit from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, we boomers should be experts! After all, we grew up during those years and the people, politics and culture of those times have left some pretty strong memories. Take our test here and see if you remember when.....! And while you're at it, don't forget to check out TV Trivia followed by Music Trivia.

Trivial Pursuit: Famous People & Events

1. On what day of the week was President John F. Kennedy assassinated?

   a. Wednesday

   b. Thursday

   c. Friday

   d. Saturday

2. What pitcher is the only one ever to throw a perfect game in the World Series?

   a. Warren Spahn

   b. Don Newcombe

   c. Don Sutton

   d. Don Larson

3. What year did man first walk on the moon?

   a. 1967

   b. 1968

   c. 1969

   d. 1970

4. What was the name of the manned American spacecraft that first landed on the moon?

   a. Apollo 11

   b. Gemini 11

   c. Challenger

   d. Titan IV

5. What was the first year for the military draft lottery?

   a. 1967

   b. 1968

   c. 1969

   d. 1970

6. In the 1964 Presidential election, who was Barry Goldwater's running mate?

   a. William Taft

   b. Hubert Humphrey

   c. Nelson Rockefeller

   d. William Miller

7. President Dwight Eisenhower's middle name was:

   a. David

   b. Donald

   c. Darryl

   d. Dirkson

8. Who was the first woman ever to be named Secretary of State?

   a. Condoleeza Rice

   b. Madeleine Albright

   c. Hillary Clinton

   d. Sandra Day O'Connor

9. What American territory officially achieved statehood in 1959 to become the 49th state in the US?

   a. Alaska

   b. Puerto Rico

   c. Virgin Islands

   d. Hawaii

10. Which two professional football teams played in Super Bowl I on January 15, 1967?

   a. Baltimore Colts and New York Jets

   b. Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders

   c. Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers

   d. Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs

11. In the 1967 movie "The Graduate", starring Dustin Hoffman, who played the role of Mrs. Robinson?

   a. Ann Margaret

   b. Ann Bancroft

   c. Joan Crawford

   d. Katharine Ross

12. The 1970s political scandal known as "Watergate" that ultimately lead to the resignation of then-President Richard Nixon, was actually the name of:

   a. a water-based theme park in suburban Washington, DC

   b. a museum in Leesburg, Virginia

   c. an office-hotel-apartment complex in Washington, DC

   d. Delaware town where the Democratic National Committee was based

13. Who was the first woman ever to serve as a justice on the US Supreme Court?

   a. Sandra Day O'Connor

   b. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

   c. Harriet Meiers

   d. Sonia Sotomayer

14. In Charles Schultz's comic strip "Peanuts", what was the name of Lucy's and Linus's younger brother?

   a. Redo

   b. Redraw

   c. Renew

   d. Rerun

15. On what college campus were four students killed and nine others injured when members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire during a protest of the American invasion of Cambodia in 1970?

   a. Ohio State

   b. Cleveland State

   c. Kent State

   d. Ohio University

16. What was the name of the mail order company from which Wile E. Coyote would buy various contraptions to catch the Road Runner in the Looney Tunes cartoon series?

   a. Ace Products

   b. Acme Corporation

   c. Spiegel Catalog

   d. Calamity Corporation

17. Which American president signed the Medicare bill into law?

   a. Dwight D. Eisenhower

   b. Harry S. Truman

   c. John F. Kennedy

   d. Lyndon B. Johnson

18. Who won the 1968 World Series?

   a. Detroit Tigers

   b. St. Louis Cardinals

   c. New York Yankees

   c. San Francisco Giants

19. What was the top grossing film in 1968?

   a. Martin Luther King2001: A Space Odyssey

   b. Funny Girl

   c. Planet of the Apes

   d. Rosemary's Baby

20. Who was convicted for the assassination of civil rights activists Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968?

   a. Loyd Jowers

   b. Earl Clark

   c. Sirhan Sirhan

   d. James Earl Ray

Trivial Pursuit: People & Events -- Answers: 1c 2d 3c 4a 5b 6d 7a 8b 9a 10d 11b 12c 13a 14d 15c 16b 17d 18a 19b 20d

Total Score

So are you an expert in trivial pursuit ? See how you rank based upon how many you answered correctly:

18 - 20: You may be older, but nothing wrong with your memory!

15 - 17: Memory one of the first things to go?

12 - 16: Keep Wikipedia bookmarked!

0 - 11:   Not a real boomer!

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